How I made peace with my tbr // ft. tips and tricks, so you can too!


Let’s be honest. Let’s be brutally honest, just for a moment, okay? Your tbr is the hacking worst. It’s so full of books that you have piled up there, thinking that you will one day read them, books that you bought on a whim because you saw them on Twitter or Instagram or wherever. One day it will fall on your head, bury you under all those books. You put more books on there, probably more that you can ever read.

On the other hand, your tbr is also the very best, the best that ever was. A huge supply of books that you can read whenever you like, pick what ever you are in the mood for. It’s a memory box, a surprise gift, a collection of all the books you could ever read, your treasure, your preciousssss.

As we have established here, we all have a love-hate relationship…

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